Navori Labs Unleashes AI Marketing Analytics Software

Navori Labs Unleashes AI Marketing Analytics Software

Navori, with nearly 25 years in digital signage innovation, is now entering the AI and computer vision analytics field with Aquaji. This move aims to assist retailers, digital out-of-home (DOOH) networks, and other physical businesses. Aquaji is designed to help these entities track performance, enhance operations, and better the customer experience.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, February 23, 2021 –

Today, Navori Labs launched Aquaji, an AI marketing tool aimed at improving experiences in stores, restaurants, malls, and outdoor ads. Aquaji tracks how many people visit, who they are, how long they stay, and how much attention they pay. This info helps businesses understand customers better, leading to growth and better engagement.

Navori Labs spent three years developing Aquaji. It uses computer vision to analyze visitor behavior accurately. Unlike other products, Aquaji’s technology identifies people more accurately, up to 95%.

Aquaji respects privacy by not using facial recognition. Instead, it uses body detection and gives each person a unique code. This way, businesses know exactly how many customers and staff are present without compromising privacy.

With Aquaji, companies and advertisers get detailed data about who sees their ads. This data helps them place ads more effectively. Aquaji’s technology also works well with Navori’s QL digital signage software. This combination lets businesses show ads that match what viewers want to see, based on real-time data.

From Navori’s CEO

“Navori Labs has developed several new innovative applications through our investment in computer vision technology, and Aquaji is a true breakthrough as a turnkey AI-driven solution for physical business growth,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO of Navori Labs. “Digital signage software and marketing analytics have long been disparate pieces of the customer experience, with the former focused on messaging and content delivery, and the latter responsible for audience measurement and qualification. We now offer true interoperability across visual communication and business intelligence through a complete omnichannel marketing approach. We are empowering physical businesses with a more interactive and fully integrated solution to improve their customer experience strategy and overall business performance.”

Aquaji offers a quick and simple setup with new or existing security cameras and is immediately available for cloud deployment. An on-premise version will soon follow, providing users with two affordable and high-performance marketing analytics solutions to serve everything from single-site systems up through to the world’s largest DOOH networks.

Please visit Navori’s Aquaji website at for more information. A complete press kit can be found at:

About Navori Labs

Based in Switzerland, Navori Labs takes the lead in developing digital communication and AI-driven marketing analytics technologies. Navori commits to offering software that is both reliable and easy to use, making it a standout in the global digital signage market for nearly 25 years. A dedicated engineering team and continuous investment in research and development back this commitment, allowing Navori to challenge and advance industry standards.

The company is growing its global presence, offering support worldwide. The QL digital signage engine, Navori’s flagship product, caters to a wide audience and has set the benchmark across large digital signage networks around the world. Navori’s approach to engineering combines efficiency with exceptional performance, satisfying the requirements of both integrators and end-users.Visit for more information.

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