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Monthly, per video stream
Annual plan
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AQUAJI Core is accessible to everyone – Get up and running in minutes.

AQUAJI Pro is for marketing professionals. It meets professional user’s needs.


Aquaji Core

Aquaji Pro

Foot traffic data including foot fall and individual counter and shopper journey. Count visitors. Determine age and gender. Recognize employees. Explore this feature

Evaluate any store’s appeal. Calculates how long visitor’s stay and how effective is your in-store retaining strategy. Explore this feature

Customer experience measurement. Calculates consumer’s average time spent waiting before service. Explore this feature.

Counts and detects consumer’s attention and engagement with break down by age range and gender. Used for DOOH audience measurement and Marketing insight to detect visitor’s visibility towards a product. Explore this feature.

Vehicle counting analytics: Counts and classifies  the number of vehicles passing by. Explore this feature.

Interface with digital signage systems to deliver targeted content. Gather true audience statistics for each ad shown on screen and trigger content accordingly. Navori QL Digital Signage Software required


StiX 5700 facilitates Computer Vision and Digital Signage

Navori Labs’ turnkey solutions include all the software and hardware you will need for your operational analytics and digital signage projects.

Navori offers a complete and easy-to-install solution whether you specialize in marketing, merchandising, consulting, screen advertising, or public spaces.

stix-5700 player

power line PoE – Power over Ethernet

* Software license not included.

Become an analytics marketing solutions operator


Offer hosted operational operational analytics solutions to your clients!

Bundle operational analytics with the services you already offer. This innovative technology will let you enhance your business and generate recurring income to complement your installation and maintenance services.

Sell or lease AQUAJI pre-installed on the StiX 5700 computing device.

The cloud makes getting into operational analytics easy.

Order your license via our customer portal or from a Navori Labs partner. Receive an email with your login information so you can access AQUAJI Manager. It’s our proprietary user interface you use to manage your cameras and endpoints. It’s also where you access your dashboards and indicators.

Activate the AQUAJI Endpoint software on each device, and you’re ready to go!

Cloud license subscriptions are renewable annually, with no minimum term beyond the first year. Support and maintenance are included.

Why host your own operational analytics solution?

AQUAJI’s data is so strategic, most users choose to host the software on their own private servers with endpoints communicating behind the corporate firewall.