Why use marketing anaytics?

Every business aims to improve its customer’s experience. But how can you carry out a proper analysis or assess your performance without real-time, accurate, and in-depth metrics?

Startup Business Strategy
aquaji staffing levels

Optimize human resources

  • Meet peak customer demand and improve staffing levels
  • Monitor customer satisfaction and evaluate employee performance
Respond to business activity

Use Aquaji’s foot-traffic data to optimize staffing levels and meet peak demand.

Evaluate checkout performance

Monitor average customer waiting times at checkouts and reception desks to evaluate staff performance.

Improve visitors care

Measure customer dwell time and analyze employee response times to identify opportunities for improvement.


Collect reliable and comparable metrics

Know your customers, make better decisions


Feed your business intelligence

Aquaji includes an API so companies can easily feed their business intelligence or other data science systems to produce forecasts, models, algorithms, or for cross-analysis purposes.