Philips P Series screens for computer vision and digital signage

The Philips’ P Series range of digital signage screens is the result of a partnership between Navori labs, Philips PPDS, Intel and Advantech. The solution integrates digital signage features with AI and computer vision-based operational analytics.

Philips P Series screens are available in 42 and 55 inch models with an advantech’s DS-200GB-U5A1E integrated PC module. This hardware module includes all the required computer components for commercial digital signage and computer vision applications.

Installation is easy. Simply insert the hardware module into the screen’s Intel® SDM slot-in port.

This Philips solution is great for quickly deploying screens for a large advertising network or in retail stores. You just need the Philips screen, Navori Labs’ QL digital signage media player software, and the AQUAJI operational analytics software.

QL is a professional-grade digital signage software platform you use to plan and manage your remote screen content. Schedule QL playlists using dayparting or use rule-based content playback to deliver content that adapts to current situations. Show live content based on weather observations, sales results, stocking levels and more.

AQUAJI is Navori Labs’ AI-enhanced computer vision software you use to analyze visual data to enhance your business operations. Successful retailers use AQUAJI to track their store’s performance:

  • Calculate and compare each store’s footfall.
  • Optimize your store layouts by identifying hot and cool zones.
  • Determine which product or digital signage content is most effective.
  • Classify results based on the shopper’s age and gender group.
  • Adjust staffing levels by measuring customer wait times.

Supported Aquaji features

Feature StiX 5700
Count visitors. Determine age and gender. Recognise employees*

Calculate visitor’s length of stay

Calculate time spent before service

Detect audience attention and engagement towards a product or digital signage content

Count and classify vehicles

Interface with digital signage systems to deliver targeted content. Gather true audience statistics for each ad shown on screen



Operational analytics – AI

AQUAJI also supports the advantech DS-200GB-U5A1E module. When running on this hardware, the software can process a video stream and broadcast digital signage content simultaneously.

Product Capabilities
DS-200GB-U5A1E 1 video feed + digital signage



Requires USB or IP camera
Native resolution 1080p
Frames per second 10
IP camera streaming protocol RTSP
Recommended viewing angle 180° FOV > 75±5°
Camera sensitivity > 4.0V/(lux • s)
Sharpness > 1000LW/PH
Video feed codec H264



DS-200GB-U5A1E Technical requirements

Operating System Windows
Version 10 – 64 bits
GPU Intel
RAM 8 Go
Storage SSD
Network HTTPS


Using the same PC for digital signage

The QL digital signage software can be installed with the AQUAJI endpoint software on the same Advantech DS-200GB-U5A1E PC. This provides a turnkey solution that combines operational analytics and professional digital signage on a single device.

Features PC Windows 64 bits
Software activation in less than a minute

Pixel perfect for LED displays

Certified for QL express

Certified for QL professional

Remote software and hardware monitoring

Playback of sophisticated templates with multiple zones and multiple objects

Supports “template in a template” feature

Real-time data and social media feeds

Tag management

10-level programming grid

Interactivity supported

QL Manager for smartphones

Content playback and triggering based on user defined rules

Media player synchronization

Automated screen on/off control

Remote device configuration, diagnostic, reboot et and reset

Remote firmware updates

Compatible with portrait screen orientation

Compatible with AQUAJI data feeds (Computer Vision software)