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How long are customers staying in the store?

Length of stay

The average length of customer stay illustrate how well your stores perform

In this example, the average visit lasted 37 minutes and 51 seconds.

Remember the new store display you rolled out last September? It generated a 20% improvement in shopper’s length of stay!

Tuesdays improved the most and shoppers stayed longest on Saturday.

Length of stay by Gender

Easily filter average stay time measurements by gender.

Identify trends at a glance—In this example we see a decrease in the time women spend in your store.

Perhaps you should change your product merchandising or advertising to improve these results.

Length of stay by Age Range

Aquaji lets you examine how different age groups respond to your store using length of stay analysis.

In this example, you can easily tell if you appeal to the right audience.

This screen indicates people under 45 spend more time in your store—are you underperforming with older demographic groups?

Context Aware Digital Signage Automation

How it works aquaji

When you interface Aquaji with Navori’s QL digital signage software, programmed content reacts and adapts to real-time events based on the viewer’s profile.
For example, your screens could display unique content to women or men within a specific age group.


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StiX 5700 facilitates Computer Vision and Digital Signage

This device supports every AQUAJI feature and module*. The onboard computer vision software can analyze up to 25 individuals simultaneously based on data captured by a USB or IP camera.

This device is also a powerful digital signage media player you can use in commercial applications. Optional accessories such as USB cameras and telephoto lenses are also available.

stix-5700 player

power line PoE – Power over Ethernet

* Software license not included.