Why use marketing anaytics?

Every business aims to improve its customer’s experience. But how can you carry out a proper analysis or assess your performance without real-time, accurate, and in-depth metrics?

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traffic attributes

Get to know your traffic and visitors attributes in real time

  • Understand your visitors and their habits
  • Improve footfall, length of stay, and return visits
  • Measure walk-in marketing campaign effectiveness and impact of your merchandising decisions
Get real foot-traffic counts

Thanks to its 95% accuracy, Aquaji rejects duplicate detections and delivers true visitor counts for more reliable results.

Produce demographics on visitors

Classify shoppers by gender and age range to define your ideal visitor profile.

Mesure visitors lenght of stay

Understand how much time each visitor spends on-premise and examine their attractivity based on their personal attributes.

Calculate your RCR

Determine your Retail Conversion Rate by comparing true visitor counts with the number of recorded transactions.

Relevant gap analysis

Aquaji collects visitor data continuously so you can measure KPIs and track changes over time.

Visitor loyalty - Store performance

Assess your performance based on return visit rates.


Collect reliable and comparable metrics

Know your customers, make better decisions


Feed your business intelligence

Aquaji includes an API so companies can easily feed their business intelligence or other digital signage software systems to produce forecasts, models, algorithms, or for cross-analysis purposes.