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How many vehicles are passing by my outdoor advertising billboards?

Real-Time Vehicle Counts

Measure Outdoor Advertising Efficiency

Use vehicle count and classification data to better understand the design and efficiency of your outdoor advertising campaigns.

Accurate vehicle counts allow advertisers to understand which outdoor billboards are likely to generate the most impressions.

Vehicle Classification Data

Optimize Roadside Billboards

Improve your sales pitch when booking advertisers by leveraging the real data and metrics you can provide advertisers with. These metrics and data will allow advertisers to better select which campaigns to feature based on vehicle classifications.

Understand what types of vehicles are most often present and adjust our billboard advertising strategy accordingly.

For example, during times of day where SUVs and Van’s are most common, it would be wise to feature advertisements that cater to families with children.

Aggregated Data Sets

Calculate Advertising Pricing

Allow roadside billboard operators to more accurately price their advertising space based on aggregated real data and metrics regarding hourly, daily or monthly vehicle traffic.

Show advertising prospects current and comparable data sets to strengthen your pricing levels and supporting arguments.

Vehicles counts

Understand vehicle traffic patterns in your area and make better business decisions

Count, classify and compare vehicles by type using live and historical data to better manage parking spaces, provide better directions and display relevant safety information.

In this example, 20% of detected vehicle traffic is composed of commercial vehicles (buses and trucks), and we can tell this trend is growing.

Based on this information you should make sure you have adequate parking spaces available to accommodate these types of vehicles so you can cater to these drivers.


Context Aware Digital Signage Automation

How it works aquaji

When you interface Aquaji with Navori’s QL digital signage software, programmed content reacts and adapts to real-time events based on the viewer’s profile.
For example, your screens could display unique content to women or men within a specific age group.


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StiX 5700 facilitates Computer Vision and Digital Signage

This device supports every AQUAJI feature and module*. The onboard computer vision software can analyze up to 25 individuals simultaneously based on data captured by a USB or IP camera.

This device is also a powerful digital signage media player you can use in commercial applications. Optional accessories such as USB cameras and telephoto lenses are also available.

stix-5700 player

power line PoE – Power over Ethernet

* Software license not included.