Acquire metrics that will let you monitor and drive your physical business


Digital Out-of-Home

Measure your messaging’s impact and optimize your screen placement based on continuous DOOH audience measurement data.

It’s time for your business to measure its performance in real-time using actionable analytics data.

Enhance Media Spends

Add value by sharing audience statistics and attributes (OTS/conversions) with advertisers, brand owners and programmatic ad booking systems.

Optimize Display Positioning

Measure your display’s location performance based on shopper foot-traffic, “opportunity to see” and engagement metrics.

Reach Your Customers

Acquire new customers by targeting the right audience using indoor and outdoor advertising analytics data.

Intuitive Dashboard

Track your metrics and generate digital out-of-home advertising KPI reports using Aquaji’s intuitive dashboard.

Display Network Management

Easily set up and monitor your display network based on the criteria of your choice: by organization, region, country, brand, venue, town, road or more…

Integrates Seamlessly

Play targeted content based on real audience metrics from Navori’s own QL digital signage software.

Leverage your skills, improve your business

Get the metrics you need for your business tasks.


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