USB camera for Navori Labs StiX 5700 and AQUAJI

This purpose-built computer vision camera uses a Sony sensor. It includes a standard 4 millimeter lens that can detect individuals up to 6 meters away. It can also detect the silhouettes of passers by from a distance of up to 15 meters. This camera uses a manual focus ring and a latch to secure your settings.

This camera is compatible with the StiX 5700 computing device or PCs running on Windows 10.

Camera Computer Vision

Technical specifications

Item name Camera USB 2 or IP
Sensor Sony imx291(1/2.8″) 2m cmos
Dimensions 41*41 mm
Maximum resolution 1920*1080 pixels
Pixel size 2.9µm X 2.9µm
Sensitivity 3300mV(lux-sec)
Focus Manual with locking clip
Frames per second 30FPS @ 1920*1080 pixels
Video stream codec H264
Operating temperature 0°C – 50°C / 32°F – 122°F
Compatible with Stix 5700 and Windows 10 PC

Note: Les accessories ne sont disponibles à la vente qu’avec le logiciel Aquaji


Optical specifications

Features Optics supplied as standard
Focal distance 4 mm
Resolution 3 mega pixels
Aperture F 1.4
Sensor 1/2.5″
Support CS
Angle of vision 85°
Iris Manuel
Construction Metal and optical glass
Dimensions 28*27.5 mm
Weight 42 grams


AQUAJI features supported

Features Supported
Visitor counts, age and gender detection

Measures visitor’s length of stay

Follow customer’s time spent waiting for service

Analyze product or screen’s visibility and attention span

Count and classify vehicles

Digital signage integration