In-Store Analytics For Digital Signage

In-Store Analytics For Digital Signage

Retailers and shopping mall operators understand the value of digital signage

Many stores have enthusiastically adopted digital signage screens to enhance their customer experience. However, the challenge of continuously updating and keeping the content engaging has introduced an additional workload for them.

Presenting new and relevant messaging is critical to in-store marketing success. It’s one reason why retail signage networks have been looking at AI and computer vision to improve their content strategies while lowering their operating costs.

AI and computer vision-driven digital signage offer many advantages over traditional signage solutions. They help automate and enhance content delivery while gathering crucial viewer data to increase sales and improve in-store marketing analytics.

Navori Labs Aquaji and QL Digital Signage Software

Navori Labs engineers have developed a new AI-powered software called Aquaji. It works with the company’s QL digital signage system to offer a full solution for retail stores and shopping malls. Aquaji checks cameras at store entrances or over digital screens to analyze how many people visit the store during the day. This data helps store managers learn more about customer behavior and how well employees are doing.

Adaptive Content that Speaks to the Viewer

Imagine content that adapts to the profile of the person looking at your digital signage screen. With adaptive content, targeted promotions and ads are shown based on the gender, age range, or physical characteristics of the viewer. With adaptive content, shoppers are presented with messaging that speaks to them and they are shown ads for products that they are more susceptible to buy. All of this helps increase sales with zero employee involvement. It is a great way to increase impulse buys and relay other messaging as part of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy for physical spaces.

Automating your content programming means your staff has more time to create promotional ads that sell and the software takes care of the rest.

That’s impressive, and it’s just one example of adaptive digital signage.

Better Informed Retailers and Mall Operators

Delivering the right content is crucial, but understanding your shoppers is equally important. This knowledge is incredibly valuable for retailers.

Understanding your shoppers benefits:

  • Advertising teams, guiding them as they craft future promotions.
  • Retail buyers, helping them select the most attractive products and diversify their offerings.
  • Store planners, enabling them to identify popular and less frequented areas for better store layout planning.
  • Store management, assisting them in adjusting staff levels to match customer traffic.


Navori Aquaji tracks the number of customers entering your store. It identifies which products, displays, ads, or promotions grab the most attention and categorizes these insights by demographics. Aquaji reveals which screens capture the most views and measures the wait times for customers before they receive service. By monitoring cameras near checkouts, Aquaji assesses the wait time for each customer and evaluates cashier performance, helping staff decide when to open or close checkouts for efficiency.

This is called – operational awareness. It’s about knowing when important events are taking place and how the team is responding. Aquaji ensures retail store and shopping mall management have a complete picture of what’s happening in every location in real time and delivers key metrics you can rely on for critical decisions.

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