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Business Intelligence for the physical world

AQUAJI is Navori Labs’ proprietary computer vision software you use to monitor visitor activity in public spaces. The software was developed in-house by our own research and development team.

AQUAJI uses cameras and computing devices to perform the following tasks:

  • Count silhouettes.
  • Recognize individuals.
  • Determine a person’s age and gender.
  • Track the time spent waiting for service.

The software analyzes each visitor’s gaze to determine what they are looking at and what captures their attention. This can be digital content shown on a TV screen or a physical product in a store display.

AQUAJI can communicate with digital signage software applications to optimize what is shown on screen to promote engagement.

Digital Signage software simplified

Our company’s Navori QL Digital Signage software includes everything you need to create, deploy, and play any type of digital signage content on any screen.

  • Create new content in minutes with our built-in template and ticker designers.
  • Powerful and intuitive CMS – no software training required.
  • Mobile app management using any smartphone or tablet.

Navori Labs is an industry pioneer and global digital signage software leader. We entertain partnerships with professional hardware manufacturers and participate in the development of their products. Navori Labs also operates an office in China to assist clients with their custom hardware designs.

About our company

Founded in Paris, France, in 1998 Navori Labs was a digital signage pioneer. In 2006, the company opened a subsidiary in Switzerland, the country of origin of its founder and CEO, Jérôme Moeri, at which point we began to market our solutions internationally.

In 2009, Navori Labs opened a subsidiary in North America, followed by Latin America, the Middle East and India establishing us as a leading independent software publisher.

What differentiates our software is the fact it’s developed by our own team of engineers. For the last 20 years, Navori Labs has steadily invested in research and development. This lets us bring to market unique products that outperform other software solutions. It’s also why we back our products with professional maintenance contracts and support services.

We pay a lot of attention to our software’s simplicity, user-friendliness, and ease of use. Our software is designed for non-technical users, under the expert guidance of our in-house artistic director.


  • Over 20 years of digital signage software publishing experience.
  • Navori Labs is an engineering-focused company.
  • We are an established supplier to Fortune 100 companies.

A global presence

  • Business activity breakdown: America 50%, EMEA 40%, Asia 10%
  • 75 employees/20 engineers.
  • QL is installed on 1,280,000 devices across more than 80 countries.

We are innovators

  • 20% of the company’s revenues are reinvested in R&D.
  • Navori Labs is behind many of our industry’s digital signage innovations and computer vision-based operational analytics.