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How long are customers waiting to be served?

Time spent in line

Track the time people spend waiting while they stand in line

Aquaji’s dwell time analysis feature can recognize any type of queue and can monitor multiple cameras.

Use wait time measurements to track sales staff performance and customer satisfaction.

In this example, the average wait time was 5 minutes, with a peak on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 3 and 4 PM.

Filter by time or day of the week

Better understand when your stores are most susceptible to long and frustrating wait times.

Store managers can decide, based on accurate data, how to better layout the different checkout areas of the store in order to avoid long lineups and wait times.

Better understand which areas of your store are most susceptible to large crowds and lineups, then adjust accordingly.

Make smarter staffing decisions in order to avoid customer wait times during peak traffic hours and days.

Content adjusts automatically

Automatically adjust content playlist durations based on how long people are waiting

When long waiting times are detected, your signage content will automatically adjust to show items that are longer in duration and more relevant to those waiting.

In stores with multiple checkout areas you can automatically advise people waiting in long lines to walk over to another checkout area for faster service.

Context Aware Digital Signage Automation

How it works aquaji

When you interface Aquaji with Navori’s QL digital signage software, programmed content reacts and adapts to real-time events based on the viewer’s profile.
For example, your screens could display unique content to women or men within a specific age group.


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StiX 5700 facilitates Computer Vision and Digital Signage

This device supports every AQUAJI feature and module*. The onboard computer vision software can analyze up to 25 individuals simultaneously based on data captured by a USB or IP camera.

This device is also a powerful digital signage media player you can use in commercial applications. Optional accessories such as USB cameras and telephoto lenses are also available.

stix-5700 player

power line PoE – Power over Ethernet

* Software license not included.