Discover Aquaji's main features

Camera monitoring and user management

Manage all your end-points effortlessly

Aquaji features an intuitive dashboard that lets users choose how they want to organize their data

Organize your metrics by type, region, store, or department.

Monitor your cameras at a glance, manage devices in real-time, and more with Aquaji’s unified endpoint management software.

Aquaji is a multi-tenant solution that provides user-leveled access and SSO features.

Export your analytics reports in CSV format for easy distribution.

Custom user roles and management + SSO

Aquaji is a multi-tenant system that allows you to create and assign custom roles and permissions for every user.

Each user can be assigned their own set of access rules and permissions such that they can only see and access what they are supposed to and not more.

For example, a store manager would only be given access to the cameras and data sets specific to their store.

System administrators will still retain access and management controls over the entire system.

Secure and Easy to Use

Endpoint and user management is incredibly secure, efficient and easy to learn in the Aquaji system.

Leverage your existing identity management providers and SSO integrations with Aquaji’s built-in user management tools.

No need to invest in hours and hours of trainings and walkthroughs. The Aquaji user interface is intuitive and based on simple and obvious workflows.

Aquaji software meets all global privacy regulations and is secured with the latest back-end technologies designed to meet the most stringent security requirements.

Context Aware Digital Signage Automation

How it works aquaji

When you interface Aquaji with Navori’s QL digital signage software, programmed content reacts and adapts to real-time events based on the viewer’s profile.
For example, your screens could display unique content to women or men within a specific age group.


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StiX 5700 facilitates Computer Vision and Digital Signage

This device supports every AQUAJI feature and module*. The onboard computer vision software can analyze up to 25 individuals simultaneously based on data captured by a USB or IP camera.

This device is also a powerful digital signage media player you can use in commercial applications. Optional accessories such as USB cameras and telephoto lenses are also available.

stix-5700 player

power line PoE – Power over Ethernet

* Software license not included.