Acquire metrics that will let you monitor and drive your physical business

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Shopping Malls

Accurately measure your shopping mall traffic and provide actionable insights to your retail tenants.

Provide immense value to your retail tenants by allowing them to optimize their marketing, inventory and staffing levels based on real analytics data.

It’s time for your business to measure its performance in real-time using actionable analytics data.

Attract Top Retailers

Add value to your proposals to top retailers by enticing them with real-time metrics about shoppers and visitors.

Optimize DOOH

Provide detailed information about your shopping malls audience, allowing retailers to optimize their DOOH campaigns with ease.

Perfect Your Marketing Strategies

Acquire new customers by targeting the right audience using indoor and outdoor advertising analytics data.

Customer Care

Measure and compare your staff’s reaction time when engaging browsing/waiting shoppers.

Know Your Shoppers

Know how many people shop in your mall and when they visit. Understand their profile and know how long they stayed. Compare historical results.

Mall Design Validation

Compare your mall design’s performance over time and develop an optimized customer path between cold and warm zones.

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