Using Aquaji To Improve Your Dooh Campaigns

Using Aquaji To Improve Your Dooh Campaigns

Aquaji is Navori Labs’ latest software that combines AI with computer vision to deliver more effective DOOH advertising campaign metrics.

While there are other marketing analytics solutions on the market, Navori Labs takes a different approach to provide deeper and more meaningful DooH metrics.

What is Aquaji?

Aquaji is an innovative AI-enhanced computer vision software that leverages standard webcams and IP cameras for advanced video analytics and viewer insights.

This software analyzes video streams from cameras to provide detailed and actionable marketing analytics, measuring things like the number of visitors and their behaviors in physical spaces. Aquaji tracks visitor counts, demographics, how long people stay, their waiting times, and how engaged they are.

Aquaji is perfect for managing brick-and-mortar stores, evaluating marketing efforts, and boosting customer satisfaction. It gives you insights into your store’s foot traffic, evaluates your ad campaigns, tests product displays, reduces perceived wait times, and helps adjust staffing to match customer flow.

Integrated with Navori’s QL digital signage system, Aquaji can target specific content to screens based on who’s watching. It also serves as a valuable tool for cross-analyzing data to inform business decisions.

In essence, Aquaji offers a powerful tool for refining marketing strategies, optimizing operational efficiency, and ultimately improving the shopping experience for your customers.

Audience conversions

Improving Ad Campaign Data Collection

Aquaji’s advanced image analysis capabilities provide highly accurate DooH metrics, so advertisers get a deep understanding of their audience. Results can be filtered by gender, age range, and a host of user-selectable options.

DooH network operators and advertising agencies can use Aquaji’sDooH audience analytics to:

  • Know how many people were truly exposed to their ads.
  • Know how many passers-by actually paid attention to their ads.
  • Know who’s watching so they can create unique content based on their demographic group.
  • Understand what engages viewers so they can deliver more relevant content.
  • Discover which screen attracts more viewers so they can publish content to the most popular locations.

Context-aware DooH advertising automation

When Aquaji’s AI-enhanced computer vision combines with Navori Labs’ QL digital signage software, it revolutionizes content delivery!

Navori QL lets you adjust content scheduling using Aquaji, ensuring ads are customized to viewers’ unique characteristics. This means the screen shows relevant ads to whoever is watching.

For example, Aquaji can direct sports equipment ads at men and beauty ads at women. It uses demographic information to customize offerings, like health-related ads for older audiences or video game ads for the younger ones. The potential for targeted content is endless.

Aquaji API for Programmatic Ad platforms

Aquaji’s seamless API feeds DooH audience metrics to any programmatic ad platform in real time, greatly increasing any DooH audience’s value. You will know the number of people who saw each ad and each person’s exposure time. You will also know the audience’s demographic composition which is immensely valuable to advertisers.

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