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The Aquaji retail analytics software delivers accurate shopper counts you can filter results by demographic group.

Assess customer engagement based on dwell times and measure each shopper’s attraction to an object or content shown on screen.

It’s time for your business to measure its performance in real-time using in-store analytics.

Know your shoppers

Know how many people shop in your store and when they visit. Understand their profile and know how long they stayed. Compare historical results.

Merchandizing insights

Quickly compare different store shelf layouts to identify designs with the best customer appeal.

Shopper loyalty

Use retail data analytics to assess shopper loyalty based on return visits.

Stock management

Anticipate demand based on comparable data. Trigger digital signage content changes based on this data.

Store validation design

Compare your store design’s performance over time and develop an optimized shopping path between cold and warm zones.

Customer care

Measure and compare your staff’s reaction time when engaging browsing/waiting shoppers.

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