Why use marketing anaytics?

Every business aims to improve its customer’s experience. But how can you carry out a proper analysis or assess your performance without real-time, accurate, and in-depth metrics?

Startup Business Strategy
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Leverage your DOOH ad space

  • Provide in-depth ad cam­paign metrics and audience classifica­tion
  • Track advertising performance so you can react in real-time
Qualify your audience

Measure entries/exits and time spent on-site or by zone. Classify the audience profile based on its attributes to adjust your product offering.

Measure foot-traffic

Identify visitor paths through any venue. Take measures to optimize and improve flow (better signage, foodservice and seating areas, access to parking, etc.)

Leverage your ad space

Increase the value of your ad space by sharing footfall, demographics, length of stay, and return visit rate data with your tenants.

Support programming ad System

Aquaji will feed visitor data in real time to any programmatic ad platform, greatly increasing your audience’s value.

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Collect reliable and comparable metrics

Know your customers, make better decisions


Feed your business intelligence

Aquaji includes an API so companies can easily feed their business intelligence or other data science systems to produce forecasts, models, algorithms, or for cross-analysis purposes.