Omnichannel Strategy – Getting More Out of In-Store

Omnichannel Strategy – Getting More Out of In-Store

Marketing analytics and AI are essential to building and maintaining a successful omnichannel strategy.

Businesses have been diligently bridging the divide between consumers’ online and in-store brand interactions. Before the pandemic, the allure of e-commerce stemmed from its convenience. However, with the advent of physical distancing and health regulations, online shopping has seen a significant uptick. In turn, marketers and retailers are increasingly adopting omnichannel marketing strategies. This approach aims to enrich the customer experience, foster deeper connections with their audience, enhance merchandising outcomes, and refine operations throughout their physical locations.

When combined with artificial intelligence (AI), in-depth marketing analytics helps businesses develop deep insights about their performance so they can invest more strategically.

Key features

Using marketing analytics, stores can gather vital data on customer traffic, age, gender, visit duration, browsing and waiting times, and purchasing behavior. This insight lets managers optimize staffing and evaluate employee performance.

Analytics reveal top-selling products and most engaging displays, helping refine store layouts for better shopper flow and focus.

AI-enhanced marketing analytics go further, assessing communication effectiveness by tracking potential customer engagement with displays and checkout lines. It considers display placement and appeal, offering detailed performance metrics.

Innovatively, this software adjusts digital signage in real-time for events like weather changes, stock levels, or shopper demographics, ensuring content is always relevant. For instance, it can highlight weather-related products during storms, tailored to specific viewer profiles.

For example, weather alerts can be triggered in case of an imminent threat (like severe snowstorms or hurricanes). Businesses can even program their digital signage software to display ads for products related to these events and the software can also take into account a viewer’s age and gender to ensure the content shown is relevant to their needs.

An Omnichannel Solution

A true AI-powered marketing analytics software can empower omnichannel strategies that are essential to every brick-and-mortar retailer’s success. It lets organizations optimize their staffing levels, improve customer queue management, and refine merchandising. This software’s extensive data-gathering capabilities support targeted customer messaging, global online communication, and personalized service which greatly enhances the in-store experience and improves each store’s competitive advantage.

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