Aquaji uncovers produced by computer vision

AQUAJI is a camera-based analytics software for retailers and public spaces of any kind. The software generates performance indicators on a site’s foot traffic, its a physical appeal, and the time spent waiting for service. It also tracks visitor attention span with regards to a physical object or advertising content shown on screen.

Deliver usable in-store metrics on visitor activity, experience and engagement

Analyze the number of inbound visitors. Determine each person’s age and gender. Calculate the time spent waiting, and the time spent looking at physical objects or content displayed on a digital signage screen.

foot traffic

Count and Qualify

Count footfall and unique inbound visitors. Accurately detect age and gender, vehicle counting and more.

length of stay

Length of Stay

Calculate for how long visitors stay in the store with detailed age range and gender breakdown data.


Waiting Time

Measure how long customers are waiting for service. Optimize your staffing allocations accordingly.


Attention Span

Get KPIs on how visitors engaged with an object or digital signage screen within their line of sight.

StiX 5700 facilitates Computer Vision

This device supports every AQUAJI feature and module*. The onboard computer vision software can analyze up to 25 individuals simultaneously based on data captured by a USB or IP camera.

Optional accessories such as USB cameras and telephoto lenses are also available.

aquaji camera small

power line PoE – Power over Ethernet

* Software license not included.

Start getting advanced analytics about your business

Audience analytics for screen based advertising and DooH

AQUAJI is the perfect solution for Digital-out-of-Home. Use our audience measurement software to add value on your ad space by delivering advertisers detailed post-campaign reporting with opportunities to see, conversions, audience demographics and more.

attention span and conversion

Audience measurement

Produce reports that include information about the target audience for each ad impression so you can better evaluate your costs per profile.

Feed your programmatic

Report to your programmatic platforms precise audience metrics, demographics, and ad engagement data.

Adapt your ads to the audience

Continuously adjust the content that is played on-screen based on the audience attributes and business situations.

What benefits does Aquaji provide to those working in marketing, merchandising or retail media departments?

Aquaji continuously produces reliable and comparable performance indicators to assess and improve the effectiveness of your work.

Startup Business Strategy


AI and computer vision bring new perspectives to your business

Startup Business Strategy
  • If you are involved in digital signage or retail consulting, you can offer a new range of innovative products that complement your existing offering.
  • AI and business analytics industry delivers forecasted 33% annual growth for the next 10 years.


A screen including digital signage and computer vision insights

  • The Philips P-series range of commercial screens feature a built-in Windows PC certified by Navori Labs for digital signage and operational analytics use.
  • Show content based on the audience’s demographics and publish accurate proof-of-play reports that include your viewer’s metrics.
Philips display

New to operational analytics marketing?

Learn about the latest concepts and best practices in AI Marketing Analytics solutions

Why use computer vision-based insights?

Computer vision-based analytics makes it possible to analyze a location’s activity using sight. The data generated by these systems is real, and exceptionally accurate compared to indirect detection methods like infrared and WiFi sensors.

Computer vision-based systems that perform image analysis are also extremely scalable. Everything that is visible is or will be detectable. You just need to teach the software what to look for. Since Navori Labs designs its own interpretive models, scalability is guaranteed.

The data produced by these systems is very precise. AQUAJI uses VPUs, i.e. components dedicated to AI, in its calculation box to achieve a degree of accuracy in excess of 90%. Its performance is currently unmatched.

What are the components of an analytics solution?

Computer devices like Navori Labs’ StiX 5700 or Windows PCs with Intel I5 CPUs on which you install and run the AQUAJI software.

A USB or IP camera with a minimum of 80 pixels resolution to detect people’s faces.

How to choose a computer vision camera?

For starters, your camera’s image resolution should be 1080p.

Next you must determine the viewing angle. The wider the angle, the more people the camera can detected.Ideally you should look for a camera with a 180° viewing angle.

Lastly, you must take into account the distance between the camera and the people you want to detect. This will help you determine the size of the lens.

Choose a 4 millimeter lens to detect and recognize visitors up to 6 meters from the camera. Select a 8 millimeter lens when people are up to 12 meters away, and so on. Navori Labs offers cameras that are suitable for distances between 3 and 25 meters away, thanks to an optional telephoto lens.

How accurate is AQUAJI?

AQUAJI can detect silhouettes and vehicles at more than 99% accuracy. When a person’s face is visible for at least half a second, our software will detect the visitor’s length of stay, age and gender. When all these conditions are met, detection is at least 90% accurate.