Advice for GDPR users

Aquaji users have legal responsibilities that can vary depending on the country, the type of location, and the software’s use.

As with all data storage applications, the user is required to involve their data protection officer (DPO) to describe the system’s operation and to carry out an impact study (DPIA).

Notice on data anonymization and aggregation according to G29 of 5/2014: ”

” Only if the data controller would aggregate the data to a level where the individual events are no longer identifiable, the resulting dataset can be qualified as anonymous. ”

The anonymization of a DACP assumes that these three questions are answered in the negative (opinion p. 3)

  • Is it still possible to isolate an individual?
  • Is it still possible to link records relating to an individual, and
  • Can information be inferred concerning an individual?

The data produced and stored by Aquaji is qualified as anonymous.