Navori StiX 5700 wins “Best Digital Signage Hardware Product”

Navori StiX 5700 wins “Best Digital Signage Hardware Product”


After a two-year break from celebrating the latest advancements in digital signage and AV, rAVe was thrilled to present the Best Of DSE 2022 Awards for the first time since 2019!

Following thorough research and expert presentations in digital signage technology, the Navori StiX 5700 emerged as this year’s winner of the “Best Digital Signage Hardware Product” award!

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Aquaji uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze site activity and generate insightful metrics. The Stix 5700 supports all its features, including counting people, measuring length of stay, calculating waiting times for service, tracking attention and engagement, and recognizing employees. Our own research and development team developed the hardware and software in-house.

You can remotely set up and activate your AQUAJI and QL digital signage software through our web interface. Simply connect a Navori Labs USB camera or an available IP camera via an RTSP stream, and you’re ready to start.

The StiX 5700, equipped with specialized Intel components for AI processing, offers a powerful and reliable analytics solution. It includes a 32 GB hard drive, 4 GB of RAM, an INTEL VPU, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, making it an all-in-one tool for analytics.

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About Navori Labs

Navori Labs, a Swiss company, creates innovative software for digital communication and AI marketing analysis. They aim to offer the most reliable, compatible, and easy-to-use software in the industry. For nearly 25 years, Navori has led the global digital signage market, earning a reputation for innovation. A talented engineering team and ongoing research and development support this. Navori also works on expanding globally, providing support all over the world.

Their main product, the QL digital signage engine, appeals to many users and leads in large digital signage networks globally. Navori’s engineers focus on making their products efficient, easy to use, and high-performing. This meets the needs of both the people setting up the systems and the final users.

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